Coco Peat 25Kg bales are used in many applications in growing industry which is made out of coco peat. 25Kg bales are produced by using different mixture based on the requirement of the crop by increasing or decreasing the percentage of the coir fiber in the mixture. We can also add coco chips or crushed materials to the mixture. The uniqueness of 25Kg bale is, it is lesser compressed and easy to loosen up and also maintain the moisture content between 30 – 40 %.

As a soil substitute coco peat 25 Kg bale can be used in potting mixers, landscaping, seed generation, home gardening and it helps for soil conditioning. In golf course, garden, in mushroom farming coco peat 25Kg bales are more popular than any other growing medium. Not only that but also 25Kg bales popular among Bonsai mixtures, Vegetable beds and raised cultivations.

This bale is packed in a white poly bag which helps for transportation and easy handling. It’s a readymade product and could handle this with less hassle.

Coco peat or Husk chips loosely compressed into a relatively large bag to make the 25kg bag. The expanded volume would be from 160L to 210L depending on the customer requirement.
25 kg bags are commonly used in commercial growing farms, potting mixes, land scalping, in mushroom growing and in seed generation, Also used as a soil conditioner in places such as golf courses. Ideal for home gardening as well.

Due to low compression applied, very easy to loosen up the bag at the consumer’s point, handing material is very easy and can be used in many applications.

Pallet loading is common with 560 bags in a 40HC container, but can load 670 bales with floor loading

Product Details:-

  • Weight: 25Kg +/- 2Kg
  • Size: 32 X 44 X 80Cm +/- 2Cm
  • Volume: 180 – 200 L (Per Bags)
  • Compression Ratio: 2. 1
  • Moisture: <40%
  • EC: <1000ms [1:5 water] (low and High)
  • PH: 5.5 – 6.5