One of the most popular compressed forms of cocopeat – the 5 kg bale. It has a moisture capacity below 20 %. Electronic conductivity can be customized according to the buyer’s request. This product is mainly used for vegetable and flower gardens, , green houses, bedding plants, hydroponics, potted plants, potting mixes, rose cultivation, re-planting, mushroom farming and as a growing media for earth worms.


  • 100% natural.
  • High water maintenance property.
  • Improved soil wetting.
  • Acts as a solid potting medium and substratum for plants.
  • Ideal for cultivation of flower, vegetable and golf course construction.
  • Enables the development of a stronger root system.
  • Static pH and EC values.
  • Easy to use.
  • Available washed, buffered or unwashed.
  • Various packing modes can be applied.

Weight: 5kg +/- 100 g
Size: 30 X 30 X 15 +/-2 cm
Compression EC: 5 : 1
Moisture: 20%
E/C Level: 0.5 (Low E/C)
Packing: 230 X 20 pallets / 4600 Bales
Container Utilization: 40 HQ Container 23 MT
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