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We have to kind of PP Net Black / Brown

Available Sizes
2M x 50M 2M x 25M

Erosion Control Blankets

Wayamba Natural Peat erosion control blanket made from coconut, straw fibers or blends of these natural fibers. Both upper and lower side of Wayamba Natural Peat coir blankets are sewn by 100% organic mesh (Jute Net and Cotton thread). Alternatively, the blankets can be stitched thread and polypropylene mesh. After the application of anti-erosion blanket of Wayamba Natural Peat will provide immediate protection of the soil and prevent the loss of seeds due to wind and rain erosion, and promote the establishment of vegetation. Coconut fibre absorbs and retains moisture which then enters the plant in dry periods. It also keeps moisture in the soil. Contributing, thus the development of vegetation. Wayamba Natural Peat erosion control blankets are attached to the ground with steel or wooden dowels

Staw & Coir Fiber Mixed Blanket with Brown PP Net.
Composition Any %mix from both coir and straw fibers
Net Brown PP Net.
GSM 150gsm~1200gsm
Roll width up to 2.4m & Length up to 100m

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